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Lost Tombs.  A study of certain Eighteenth dynasty monuments in the Theban necropolis
269 pp, ills.
Kegan Paul International, New York/London 1988

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The work, which was submitted as a doctoral dissertation at the University of Cambridge, investigates the problem of unprovenanced fragments of tomb paintings in museums and other collections and the whereabouts of many tombs in the Theban necropolis whose location is no longer known. Records and drawings by early travellers to Egypt enable a partial reconstruction of the wall-decoration of these tombs.
  • An evaluation of the number of Theban private tombs
  • Decorated fragments: problems of attribution
  • Theban private tombs of the Eighteenth dynasty: general lay-out and distribution of scenes
  • Lost tombs visited by early travellers
  • Fragments of painted decoration from known tombs
  • The Turin tomb
  • Painted fragments of unknown provenance