Egyptian Art in Denmark
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An Ancient Egyptian Herbal 
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Egyptian Art in Denmark 
272 pp, 109 colour ills. 
Gyldendal 2004
299 DKr.

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In Copenhagen,aa ancient Egyptian art is scattered among several collections. This is the first work to introduce the objects as a whole. The collections of the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek are the largest, whereas those of the National Museum are the most ancient. Few people are aware of the Egyptian antiquities collected by the Danish 19th century sculptor, Bertel Thorvaldsen, during his long stay in Rome, now exhibited in the Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen, and of the collection of papyri in the Carsten Niebuhr Institute at the University of Copenhagen. The casts collection under the National Art Gallery with casts of many Egyptian sculptures and a single royal head in the art collection of Ordrupgaard complete the vestiges of ancient Egypt in Denmark.

After a brief introduction on the characteristics of Egyptian art and the history of the collections
, the most important objects are presented in chronological order. All periods of ancient Egyptian art are represented, and the collections include masterpieces of international fame. Some of the objects have not previously been published.